Chris Viola Visuals is the photography service of award winning photojournalist Chris Viola.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

First, a few things about me.

- I am a father to a sweet, smart and crazy boy who is growing up way too fast.

- Attended college in San Francisco for photojournalism.

- Worked at 6 different newspapers in 6 states.

- I am a giant nerd and a Star Wars purist. (Han shot first.)

- I own too many old cameras. About half of them work.

- I've taken pictures in a nuclear missile submarine at the bottom of the ocean.

- I've photographed a ridiculously wide variety of people including US presidents, real cowboys, NFL stars, prisoners and pretty much everything in between.

- I love photography because it lets me tell peoples' stories.

My photojournalism professor once said, "Shoot a wedding like a riot and a riot like a wedding.” I've taken this advice to heart and try to keep it in mind every time I tackle an assignment. My aim is always to shoot from a unique perspective. I look for the things that make each situation and moment unique, and document personal experiences in a visually compelling way.

I am based in Southern California and offer a variety of photography services including corporate, event, editorial, wedding and portrait photography. I provide clients with the professional, creative and unique photography they seek, using a combination of documentary, studio and location photography skills and experience.

Please look through this site to see samples of my work, and feel free to contact me with any questions.

[email protected]